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Bryant, Jason Principal
Cordi, Joseph Assistant Principal
Morris, Melissa Instructional Assistant Principal/Guidance Counselor
Bailey, Shelley Assistant Principal
Stevens, Sean College & Career Counselor
Pruitt, Cynthia Gudiance

Agricola, Laura Spanish
Bailey, Patricia Career and Technical Education--Family & Consumer Science
Blackmon, John History
Brewer, Rhonda English
Coleman, Richard Math
Copeland, Will History
Craddock, Allyson Career and Technical Education--Business Management & Administration
Dates, Frances Library Science
Ellzey, Jill History
Estelle, Nitha English
Forbus, Lorrie Math/Department Head
Griffith, Matt Athletics
Harris, Patrick History
Houser, T. Demond History
Hubbard, Natalie English
Hughes, Julia English/Department Head
Lamberth, Nancy Remediation Lab Assistant
Lane, Greg Special Education
Laye, Tyler Career and Technical Education--Business Management & Administration
Layton, Kari Special Education
Lewis, Melissa Science
Littleton, Chad English/Fine Arts
Lynch, Paul Science
McEwen, Alba Spanish
McGrady, Lisa Career and Technical Education
McTier, Pamela Career and Technical Education--Business Management & Administration
Miller, Rachel English
Mitchell, Scotty Driver's Education/Special Education
Player, Loretta Math
Porch, Becky Science
Reaves, Lisa Science
Renn, Libby History/Department Head
Richardson, Robby Special Education/PE
Scott, Arista Science/Department Head
Segars, John Career and Technical Education Director
Shivers, Stephen Science
Simpkins, David Fine Arts/Band Director
Slaten, Chad Health
Steers, Jeff Math
Tidwell, Martez Choral Music
Turner, Marty Math
Williams, Rebecca Physical Education
Zedaker, Matt Physical Education

Atkinson, Debra Job Coach--Special Education
Brown, Harry School Resource Officer
Cottingham, Marcus Custodial Staff
Crawford, Derrick In-School Suspension Supervisor
Estell, Layunite Instructional Assistant--Special Education
Ingram, Rita Receptionist
Lamberth, Nancy Remediation Lab Assistant
Lucas, Leslie Instructional Assistant--Special Education
Murphree, Barbara Secretary
Stepp, Alaine Nurse
Trammell, Donna Bookkeeper
Vickers, Karen CNP Manager--Sylacauga High School
Walker, Melissa Custodial Staff

Student, Journalism Multimedia Publications
Student 2, Journalism Multimedia Publications